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student court reporting book

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  Student Guide to Success in Court Reporting School
For careers in CART, Broadcast Captioning, Freelance and
Official Court Reporting

Second Edition Revised

By Sarah Borengasser Vestrat, CSR.

  A dynamic self-help book for court reporting students which tackles the personal challenges students must overcome to succeed in any court reporting program!
  • Lays a foundation for self-discipline and perseverance
  • Supports your school's instructors and curriculum
  Author Sarah Vestrat draws upon her own as well as the experience of other successful professional court reporters and court reporting instructors to share with students tried-and-true methods for overcoming the common obstacles students often encounter in court reporting school.

Containing 16 well-organized chapters, the "Student Guide" offers students solid strategies to develop a professional and determined mindset, create and commit to an effective practice routine, overcome personal obstacles, and steadily advance through speed rooms to graduation.

In addition, the "Student Guide" includes 28 quotes of advice, tips, and explanations from professional court reporters all across North America to inspire and encourage students!

This book can be used independently or in the classroom. Questions at the end of each chapter can be used for classroom discussions or by student-led groups to promote camaraderie while instructors and students share ideas and learn information beyond the material presented in the book. A complimentary Instructor Facilitation Guide is included with school bulk orders to assist educators in leading productive discussions of the chapters.

The "Student Guide" is intended for both beginning and advanced court reporting students and is a resource they can refer to throughout their time in school.

This book can help students:
  • Complete the program as quickly as possible
  • Organize and manage their time
  • Stay motivated
  • Practice and speedbuild to get results
  • Overcome speed plateaus
  • Give and get support from others
  • Handle stress
  • Write an effective resume and interview with confidence
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